Early-morning grouse watching
In April and May you may experience the grand spectacle of the mating dance of the black grouse. We spend a few evening hours in the wild, or we stay overnight in a lavvu tent. We listen and look for the magnificent spectacle of the black grouse mating. We often see other animals such as capercaillie, ptarmigan and moose.

 Beaver safari
We walk alongside running water, keeping our eyes open for the elusive beaver. Evening is the best time to see them. We also have time to stop and brew coffee over anopen fire, with a light snack.

 Forest walk
See our unique and varied countryside. We walk through the different biotopes in the landscape. We look for animal tracks and perhaps catch a glimpse of the king of the forest, the moose. We also look at plants and in some places can also see both ancient remains and cultural monuments. Walks for between one hour and one day.

 Cloudberry safari
In the second half of July, and until mid-August, it is time at our latitude to gather forest gold. We guide you to the cloudberry mires. How and where the cloudberry grows varies from year to year. Everything depends on how the weather and wind have been during spring and summer. Naturally, you will be able to take home a jar of cloudberry jam, to save for a special occasion. Count on a half day or a whole day. The guides are in action all summer, although berries are not always ripe for picking.

 Excursion on forest skis
We strap on traditional forest skis to cross the snow. Winter is a special time, when the animals’ tracks reveal their movements. We glide through the forest under trees heavy with snow. Nature wears entirely different garb in the cold of winter. Somewhere, we stop to enjoy a real forester’s lunch around a campfire.

 Trapper’s trail
Come with us along a real trapper’s trail. Here you see different types of traps and trapping implements. We talk about they are placed, what they are used for etc., and we show some trapping methods from the past. If we are in luck we may even be able to empty a trap.

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