Summer fishing


Lennart can teach you the basics of the noble art of flyfishing. Our fishing waters vary from small watercourses to big rivers.
Tell Lennart what fishing you want, and he will arrange it.


Perch and pike fishing

We fish for perch and pike at a nearby lake. We enjoy lunch out of doors, ending the day with a snack. Includes fishing gear, fishing permit, lunch, snack and guide. Offered from May to October if open water is available.


VIP-fishing in a pond of your own – guaranteed catch

At Nattberg you have a fishing lake all to yourself. There are plenty of rainbow, grayling and trout. The group is guaranteed a catch. Lunch or dinner then awaits you in the Nattberg Cabin. May be combined with sauna and heated outdoor bathtub. Includes fishing gear, lunch or dinner, snack, guide and fishing permit.


Flyfishing on the upper River Pite

Fish in classic flyfishing waters. In whitewater craft, we travel along the river to places that are otherwise unreachable. The River Pite – the wilderness river, differs from other rivers in Sweden, since only a quarter is populated and three-quarters runs through pure wilderness. From Storforsen, the largest wild rapids in northern Europe, to the river’s source on the Norwegian border, the riverside population is only 40 people.
We are in magical surroundings, which have inspired writers of many books, including Gunnar Westrin. We go ashore at various places along the river, where our accommodation is a cosy Lappish lavvu tent. Along some stretches, the river splits up, flowing on either side of islands, so there are plenty of exciting places to dip the fly. The fish we are most interested in are grayling and trout. All trout are to be put back, and for grayling there is a minimum length of 30 centimetres. However, we practise catch and release.
Best period for fishing: July and August
We tailor the package to meet the customer’s wishes. One-day fishing? Perhaps a week’s fishing? A combination of different types of fishing? Etc.

Bathtub and sauna followed by dinner at the Nattberg Cabin.
You have the option of an overnight stay in cabins, travelling home the following day.

A quiet evening on the lake

There are good conditions for perch and pike fishing. Let us know what you wish to do.

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