The Nattberg Cabin was once a rest home for state gamekeepers. They could rest up there by hunting and fishing. Now the cabin has been renovated and slightly modernised, but keeps its original atmosphere. The cabin consists of two rooms and a kitchen. There is a bedroom with six beds and a cosy open fireplace, a common room suitable for small conferences or dinners, and the kitchen, which is equipped with both a wood-fired stove and an ordinary electric cooker, running water and drainage. There is a toilet, but instead of a shower, we have our wonderful wood-fired sauna.

In the six-berth bedroom in the Nattberg Cabin, you can go to sleep listening to the crackling fire in the open fireplace. Or why not sleep under an open sky, beneath the stars and moon in the silence of the forest?

In our bathtub, you can sit and enjoy what the season offers, a starry winter sky or a light summer night.

In our wood-fired sauna, you can enjoy the refreshing effects of being surrounded by steam. In summer you can take a dip in the pond right alongside, and in winter you can try the bracing experience of rolling in the snow.

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